What We Say About What We Sing

If you’ve been to our concerts you know that music is not the complete Art Mob experience—there’s also the informative, erudite, darkly funny, wildly illustrated program, written by Dean and designed by Marty (with assists from Hannah), that accompanies each concert. When we look out upon our audience and see them smiling and chuckling—and not looking at us!—we know they’re enjoying their programs, and our hearts are glad.

Now you can enjoy the program whether you made it to the concert or not. Click below to read the program from our most Fall 2022 concert, “Return to Cinders!” as well as previous concerts reaching back in time to the origin of the Art Mob universe. When we get them all posted.

FALL 2022: Return to Cinders!

FALL 2021: Vaccinatin’ Rhythm

SPRING 2019: Art Mob Tops 40

FALL 2018: In Gut We Trust

SPRING 2018: Keep a Lid on It

FALL 2017: Hook, Wine, and Thinker