What’s the most fun? Going to an Art Mob concert. (That’s only if you’re not singing in it, which is even more fun.) On December 17, 18, and/or 19, you’ll have a chance to do that for the first time in two whole years. Hurrah! We have an exciting new director, Cynthia Shaw; we have some great new singers added to (most of) the old ones; and we’ve programmed a kick-ass bunch of songs. We’re pumped for this!

What’s the least fun? Asking you for money. We really don’t like doing it. Maybe it’s just false pride; we’ll check with our therapist. For a long, long time—starting in 1979—we didn’t do any asking. We were such a no-budget operation that we were able to keep going on whatever money the singers were able to toss into the pot, plus the (meager) box office.

Now we have expenses! And, due to COVID restrictions, we can only invite a small audience. We’re asking them to pay more, this one time, but that still won’t cover us. Ay ay ay! We still kick in most of the funding ourselves, but our budget (yes, we have one now) will balance only with your help.

Go to artmob.org and click on the Donate button to use a credit card or PayPal. If you’re more of a phone app person, Venmo us at @artmob.

The Art Mob deserves to be around forever. But we’ll only last as long as our fans want us to, so give us a hand. Thank you!

Give us some giving.