Art Mob as sunflowers
We feel great!

The Fall ’21 season is happening and we couldn’t be happier!

The Art Mob is rising, with a new music director, new and returning singers, and renewed energy for those old, old songs.

The inspiring New York actor/musician, Cynthia Shaw, is pulling us together for “Vaccinatin’ Rhythm,” our curated program of pre-pandemic oldies that sound so fresh to our post-pandemic ears. She gets us!

Save the date! Art Mob’s Concert Weekend December 17-19, at our favorite venue, Tenri Cultural Institute. COVID safety rules will apply, seating will be limited, and we’ll all have to plan ahead. So mark your calendars and be ready to receive more information from on high, (the Internet), as we all do when we sing “Turn Your Radio On.”

(Vaccinatin’ Rhythm, you got us on the go … )