Victoria Brown

Victoria started dancing as a child and continues to this day; first as ballet student and then as a professional dancer with several modern dance companies. A favorite hobby now is dancing Argentine tango. As a young dancer she was a member of New York Pro Musica’s glorious production of “An Entertainment for Elizabeth,” and was enamored by the singing. As much as she longed to sing, she thought it was way too late to begin (she was 18!), and never pursued it.  In addition to dance, acting drew her in and she performed in many theater productions and a few films (don’t blink or you will miss her).

As life went along she started her own business teaching and coaching speakers and has become a sought-after communication coach. She began singing lessons, ostensibly to help her clients use their voices more effectively, but underneath she was exploring her long dormant desire to sing. Lo and behold, she fell deeply in love with singing and recently started performing, first with Toshi Reagon’s “Parable of the Sower” in Lincoln Center, and now as a new (and thrilled) member of Art Mob.