Rick Titone

Rick is a retired technical writer, celebrating his tenth year as a New Yorker. When he left the working world he sought out ways to keep himself from slothful indigence and mindless drudgery. So he started working with a vocal coach to pursue his long-dormant love for singing. He found his first chance to sing in a group setting with the Songs of the Living Choir in the congregational opera, “Parable of the Sower.” That experience stoked his desire to keep singing in a group, and through a serendipitous meeting with fellow Mobster and Parables singer Anne Kostick, he found his way into the Art Mob. Their serious approach to music and their irreverent approach to much of the rest of life aligns nicely with his own philosophy

When not working to improve his voice and learn his Art Mob parts Rick spends his time volunteering with local organizations (focusing on youth literacy and food insecurity), feasting on the visual and performing arts banquet that is New York City, and exploring Central and Riverside Parks with his husband Lawrence and their dogs, Hannah and Ozzie.