Becau$e we’re thinking of you.

We’ve always hated asking for money, and today it seems especially ludicrous for us, a small arts nonprofit (like, REALLY small) to hit you up when so many people around the world are displaced from their homes, under armed attack, hungry, denied basic rights, and suffering from the effects of climate change. No argument: Those people need your money more than we do.

But we decided not to feel guilty about asking you to pony up. You can make donations to help all those people and still keep a few bucks aside for us. It’s all about the kind of world you want to live in, and the kind of New York that’s worth the trouble of living in. We work hard to bring you joy of a kind you can’t get anywhere else, and we have to spend money to do it. It seems fair to ask for your help with the money, since you probably can’t help us memorize all those lyrics.

It doesn’t have to be much (though it’s good if it is); our budget is small enough to get good vibes from even a small donation. Click the Donate button to use PayPal or plastic. We’re also on Venmo: @artmob.